Coronavirus Update #13

Published Monday 2 Nov 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

With sadness I bring you details of how our Club will be operating during the four-week lockdown commencing on Thursday 5 November until Friday 4 December 2020.

  • The yard will remain open unless we are obliged to close it.
  • The yard staff will carry out planned and booked boat movements in November unless we are obliged to stop them in which case we will contact affected boat owners directly. Anyone who can move their boat movement to December is asked to do so to minimise people movements during the lockdown period.
  • The bar will open every day from 12:00 - 22:00 from 1 November to 4 November to allow as many members to have a final drink in the old club as possible. The bar will close on Wednesday evening 4th November and will not re-open in the old club. The bar will reopen when allowed and possible in the new clubhouse in December as currently planned (at the time of writing we hope this will be Friday 4th December).
  • The Office will remain open normal hours (09:00-14:00 each weekday). Staff will reduce to one in the office each day on rotation with all others telecommuting.
  • Our cleaning superstars will work as normal each weekday keeping the building clean and as safe as possible for you.
  • Toilets will remain open in the clubhouse.
  • Showers, as now, will remain closed.
  • Sailing will continue unless the port locks the locks or the RYA advise otherwise.
  • Training is considered education and unless RYA advises otherwise, will continue as planned.

Subject to any delays this lockdown produces, we hope to be handed the keys for the new clubhouse in the second half of November and to move the office and bar across as quickly as we can to be able to open it to you as early in December as possible when lockdown ends and we are able to safely welcome you to the new club.

Please be assured that my Fellow Flag Officers, Directors and all the Staff are totally committed to ensuring, to the best of our ability, that our premises are available to you in the safest state and all measures to avoid spreading this virus, especially to the more vulnerable amongst us, will be taken.

It goes without saying, I am sure, to ask that you continue to adhere to all requirements when entering club premises with regards to distancing, hygiene, and masks. Please respect others and the regulations within which the Club must abide, even if you personally do not agree with the measures in place.

Stay safe and well and look forward to seeing you next month in person.

Kevin Headon

02 November 2020