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Sussex Yacht Club Limited - Notice of Rule Change

Under our Constitution, Rule changes are required to be posted to our main noticeboard for a period of 30 days before they can come into effect.

As Members are not visiting the clubhouse in volume at this time, although we have complied with the requirements of the rule and this notice has been posted today in the clubhouse, we have also posted it to our website where members have a better and safer opportunity to view.

The below rule changes have been approved by the Main Committee and will come into effect from 18thJanuary 2021. Objections should be emailed to no later than this date where they will be considered by The Commodore and if required, his committee.

Amendment to Rule 63
Dogs are permitted in designated areas of the Clubhouse at the discretion of the Steward, their deputy or other appointed club official. Dogs must be under full control at all times and are not allowed on the furniture. Owners are responsible for the clearance of any mess relating to their dog and if refused entry on commercial or other grounds, should accept the decision of the officer concerned

Amendment to Rule 64
All persons shall take particular care to preserve the cleanliness and tidiness of the Club buildings, dirty footwear is not permitted in the clubhouse at any time, members and visitors must be fully attired within the clubhouse or on the balcony at all times except in the changing rooms.

Amendment to Rule 68
Smoking, including use of electronic cigarettes or ‘vaping’, is not permitted inside of Shoreham or Southwick clubhouses, stores or workshops. Smoking in designated areas will be permitted, subject to any relevant legislation as may apply

By Order of the Board
T D Leigh (Club Secretary)

22 December 2020